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André Citroën

— before the motorcar production


Paris: Lévie Citroën from the Netherlands and Macha Kleinan from Poland get the son André Gustave Citroën. He grows up in the family business that trades with diamonds, and his economy is relatively roomy.


Citroën begins together with two school friends fabrication of special gears. He bought the patent in Poland once he was visiting his sister there. The company later (in 1912) gets the name Société Anonyme des Engrenages Citroën, and do well, with sales to heavy industry across the whole of Europe.
The Citroën emblem consists of two teeth from such gears.


This year, Citroën becomes a consultant on the Mors motorcar factory. Later (in 1908), he becomes chairman and manage over a decade to achieve a significant increase in production. But it is still not as in the factory's best days.


Citroën visit the Ford plant in Dearborn.


Two months before the war Citroën marry Georgina Bingen.
First World War breaks out, and Citroën is building a bomb factory that produces as many grenades as all the other bomb factories in Paris combined.

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