• If the starter motor is moving very slowly, or not at all, it may be that the battery is empty. You can then try to use jumper cables.

• If the engine does not start, but the starter motor is working fine, then the battery is OK.

Correct use of jumper cables

  1. Connect the red cable to the positive battery terminal on both batteries. (Caution - do not touch any of the cars with the contacts.)
  2. Connect one end of the black cable to the negative battery terminal on one vehicle.
  3. Connect the other end of the black cable to a metal part on the engine of the other car, away from the battery.
  4. Start the boosting car and wait a few minutes.
  5. Start the car with the empty battery.
  6. Disconnect the black cable from the engine in one car.
  7. Disconnect the black cable from the minus pole of the battery in the other car.
  8. Disconnect the red cable.

  Jumper cables are available in different qualities.
  Bad cables are too short, too thin, and have weak pinches.
  Good cables are of the "truck type". They are long, rough and has powerful pinches. On diesel engines, these are the only ones that work.
  Pry a little on the contacts when you put them on, to get good contact.

Dårleg start

  What happens if you connect the black cable to the minus of the battery under point three?
  — You get a spark that might cause the battery to explode.

Dårleg start


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