• When you shut the bonnet, you should always drop it, never squeeze it closed!


There are two types of bonnets; before and after 1981. The oldest has spray nozzles at the rear. The newest is changed around the front lock, to make room for the two bumps for the cooling fans (which was moved farther forwards to make space for the turbo).

NB! Never let anyone sit on the bonnet, it may be deformed!



  1. Take the bonnet down until the latch touches, and drop it. The bonnet shall now lock, but not completely.
  2. Hold the bonnet 25cm up and drop it. The bonnet shall now lock completely. You should always close the bonnet this way (make sure nobody get their fingers pinched).

Before you shut the bonnet, you must always check that there is left no tools etc. in the engine bay. Also check that all caps are on: LHM, oil, antifreeze, windshield fluid. And that the rubber seal on the fresh air intake is in place.


It is not possible to open the bonnet.                                                                         

Make such a tool of a metal rod (diameter 5mm).

Put it up from the front underside, and try to open the lock.                                                                    

Opning av panser
The drawing is borrowed from the Citroën CX' service manual

When the bonnet won't open, it is usually because the wire has snapped or stretched. If it has stretched it may be enough to get someone to squeeze the hood down a bit while you open.

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