In order to get better light, and not least to prevent the light switch melting, it may be a good idea to connect the main lamps via relays.

• NOTE! If the light switch starts getting hot, you need to install the relays FAST!!!

• Use two relay for each lamp; that way you will only lose one low/high beams if a relay fails.

• The wire from the battery must be minimum 2.5, but preferably 4 square millimeters. The distance from the battery to the fuses should be as short as possible.

• Use shielded lugs and acid-free grease on all contacts, and be sure to get good contact with ground.


This form is for one lamp.

NOTE! When you are connecting the relays you must follow the circuit diagrams on the relays.


It is a very black night, and your speed is 80-90 km/h. What happens then if you suddenly get an error with the lights on the car?

1. With original layouts

  • The switch goes hot and stops working: it will be BLACK!

2. With 2 relays and 1 fuse for both lamps

  • The fuse fails: you lose high and low beam both sides: it will be BLACK!
  • A relay fails: you lose high or low beam both sides.

3. With 2 relays and 1 fuse for each lamp

  • A fuse fails: you lose high and low beam on one side.
  • A relay fails: you lose high or low beam on one side.

Select option 3 ;)

• In order to relieve the light switch, perhaps it will be enough to mount relays on one lamp only.
— Install relays on one lamp, start the car and wait a few minutes. Then measure the voltage loss on both lamps. If there is little difference, this may be sufficient. But if there is a big difference, then you must install relays on both lamps.



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