Main bulb                                                

60 is high beam, 55 is low beam.

Three good rules:

  1. Always keep two spare bulbs in the car.
  2. When a bulb breaks, replace both, and keep the one that was in order as a spare bulb until you have purchased two new ones.
  3. Do not touch the glass of the bulbs with your fingers.

You can also use yellow bulbs. They give less light, but looks good on the car. You can maybe use them only in the summer, when you don't drive in the dark so often.


Yellow bulbs

You can remove the yellow glasses and put them on regular H4 bulbs as long as the bulbs are not too long. It can be a little difficult to get the metal collar to hang on the new bulb, but take your time.

  1. Use vinyl gloves.
  2. The yellow glass is attached with two metal hangers. Press one gently outwards with a small flat screwdriver as you pull of the glass.
  3. Pry off the metal collar with a flat head screw driver.
  4. Put the glass onto the new bulb to see if there is enough space (the bulb must not touch the glass).
  5. Clean the yellow glass on the inside (use a microfiber cloth designed for cleaning glasses/lenses and use a stick to move it around).
  6. Bend in the four notches a little with a cutter and press the collar down on the new bulb. Make sure that it fits firmly.
  7. Hook the yellow glass under one hoop so that it goes into the recess, pressure the other gently outwards with a small flat screw driver while pressing the glass onto it.
  8. Clean the glass on the outside.

Gule glas


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