THE ALTERNATOR is supplying power to the electrical users, as well as charging the battery.

Replacing alternator

NOTE! Be sure to disconnect the battery before you replace the alternator.

To mount the alternator might be difficult. The problem is to get the long bolt to enter the nut instead of pushing it out.

Be sure to connect the wires correctly. On the new alternator, it may well be that the plus and minus is located the other way around.

When you are connecting the battery again, poke the minus wire gently onto the minus of the battery before you put it on (SAFETY GOGGLES + HEARING PROTECTION). If you get a terrible spark, you probably have not put the wires correctly onto the alternator.

The nut.

The nut and the rubber gasket.

The charge lamp

When you turn on the ignition the charge indicator lamp shall come on, and go off again when the engine has started.

If the charge indicator lamp doesn't go off after the car has started, you just need to press the accelerator down a little bit. But wait until the vehicle is in the driving position.


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