1. Unscrew the screws and carefully take out the rear lights (the plastic may be VERY brittle).
  2. Carefully take out the circuit boards.
  3. Remove the bulbs.
  4. Wash the circuit boards with denatured alcohol.
  5. Clean the connectors thoroughly (also those that deliver power to the boards).
  6. Put Owatrol on the entire boards, except for contacts and the bulbs contacts.
  7. Put a thin layer of acid-free grease on all contacts.
  8. Clean the bulbs and put them in place. (The top three 21W and 5W at the bottom.)
  9. Mount the circuit boards again.
  10. Carefully mount the lamps again.
  11. Make sure all the bulbs are working.

• There are often big holes caused by rust behind the lamps. You must fix this before you put in in the lamps again.

Poor contact

  If a bulb has poor or no contact, this may be because the power is not getting past A (you can feel with a finger: if it gets hot there, then there is poor contact).
  If so put a wire from the bottom up through B and an existing hole or one you drill up, and solder the ends (scrap clean with a knife where it shall be soldered).
  Move the pointer over the images for a closer look.
  Connect the circuit boards, put the power on and check if there are voltage losses at any of the bulb sockets.


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