Broke wires in the door opening.

   If the central lock, the electric window-lifts or the speakers start to work badley or stop working, this may be because the wires in the door are broken. In which case you will need to replace those that are no good anymore, or preferably all of them. This may at first appear to be extremely difficult, but it is possible.
  First you have to remove the door cover and map pocket/glove box. Then you need to find the wiring harness behind the map pocket/glove box, and remove the tape. You also need to get rid of all the tape that goes down into the plastic hose, to do so, you wrap of the tape while you pull it carefully out. Then, remove the tape on the wires in the door opening and the inside of the door.
  First, pull out the wires that are broken, and mark them (can be problems if there are more than one wire of the same colour). Then cut off one and one remaining wire in the door opening, pull them out and mark both ends. Put in the new wires (one at a time), put on heat shrink tubes, twist together, solder and shrink on the tubes with hot air gun. Make sure that all the wires in the door is on the correct side of the rail to the window lift!
  Try to get the wires bundled together inside the door, but leave the wires in the door opening as they are. This allows you to keep track of whether the isolation begins to crack.

The wires through the left front door.


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