The interior fan does not work

The fan compartment with the cover removed

Snødeksel If you have to use the car without working interior fan it may help to put on a snow-cover, or so called "scoop" on the fresh-air intake (as long as it doesn't snow).

  If the compartment fan stops working, you can try this: Take out the spare wheel, unscrew the lid on the fan and pull off the wires. Set the lever to position the fan on full, switch on the ignition and measure the electric current between minus on the battery and the plus wire to the fan. If you now get about 12 V, the fan is getting power. If you get 0 V, it may be a problem with the connector on the cord that is located under the spare tire, or the fuse may be blown. Then measure the resistance between minus on the battery and the minus cable to the fan. If you now get no result, you must examine the throttle lever for the fan, and the box connected to it (under the glove compartment).

  If you get results on both the plus and minus cable to the fan, you can try to connect to the wires again and spin the fan around a little bit (not with your fingers!). If it then starts it is most likely that the brushes are worn out.


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