1 Suspension syl
2 Sphere + gasket
3 Rod + articulatn
4 Cylinder pin
5 Dust guard
6 Boot clamp
7 Boot clamp
8 Cyl felt seal
9 Susp cyl seal
10 Susp cyl o-ring

Fjøring bak
The drawing is borrowed from the Citroën CX' parts list

11 Susp cyl o-ring
12 Susp cyl o-ring

There shall be some LHM (25cc) inside the bellows.

Greasing of the suspension piston con-rod joint:
(Carried out with LHM liquid contained in the dust cover)
- Front suspension cylinder .................... 7 cm3
- Rear suspension cylinder .................... 25 cm3

From the service manual for series 1. Cc = cm3 = ml.)


Attach shrink plastic at the end of a small funnel. Remove the front hose and fill up.

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