Transporting a CX without working suspension is not easy. It is not possible to tow without suspension, and it may be difficult to get it on a car trailer without bottoming. It is possible to get it higher, but you will still not have more suspension than you get from the tires.


  1. Jack up the front.
  2. In the engine bay (behind the hydraulic pump and on the other side): Insert 10cm square load bars (about 5x5cm) ore similar. They must be solid.
  3. Lower the front.                                                                        

• It may also be possible to remove the spheres and put in suitable long round tubes, and then turn the spheres back on again. But it is then important that these pipes do not cause damage.


  1. Jack up the rear of the car and take off the wheels (not entirely necessary, you can manage anyway, at least on the Break).
  2. Remove the rubber seals (insert a flat screwdriver under the edge and bend them out).
  3. Insert 10cm long square load bars (about 3 x 4 cm) ore similar like the red square shows.
  4. On completion of transportation: Take out the square tubes and knock the rubber gaskets back in place with a hammer.

Bak Bak

On trailer                                                

The trailer must be long enough. Not the distance front wheels - rear wheels on the CX to be on top, but the distance front bumper - rear wheels.
In an "emergency" maybe you could take off the rear wheels and put them under the rear jack positions, with something soft between (trencher with a sitting/sleeping pad on both sides, for example).
You would of course have to make sure that the back part of the car is secured against slipping sideways.

If the CX is totally sunken, you may still get it onto the trailer if you disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle.

• Do not back the CX onto the trailer, because this will make the trailer way too heavy at the back end.

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