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Propp Propp Pull the two plugs out with your nails (do not use screwdrivers or similar). CAUTION! It is very easy to damage them (see the horror example to the left). Unscrew the screws and remove the handle.

Pull out the lock lever.

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Insert a flathead screwdriver, bend the hoop up and pull out the lever. Do not bend the hoop so far up that it falls off.

In case you have crank for the window lift, you take it off in the same way.


Put tape on a wide flat screw driver (or preferably use this tool) and gently bend off the door panel. Lift up and remove it.

(Here we can see that the white plastic plates are partially loosened.)

Remove plastic plates and tape pieces, as well as remaining plastic clips.

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Replace the missing plastic clips and bushes.
Twist the plastic clips in place with a pair of pliers.


Clean with white spirit and glue on asphalt plates (red arrows). Use a hot air gun to get the plates soft.

Put on new foam plastic (green arrows). Attach with double-sided tape on the door (inside).

Clean the inside bottom of the door and make sure that the three drain holes are open.

Make sure that all the wires are ok where they go through the door opening.

Lubricate and check the door lock. Apply plenty of anti rust oil (Owatrol or chainsaw chain oil) inside the door, especially the lower part. Use a radiator brush with long handle.


Clean the door side with white spirit and glue on the plastic plates and put tape over all holes.
Attach the wire with tape.

Put the door panel back in place, make sure ALL the plastic clips have come into the holes and squeeze the panel in place.

Attach the handles and door handles.
NOTE! Be VERY careful when putting in the screws to the door handle, DO NOT press them inward! (The long screw up, the short below.)


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