To pry loose panels that is attached with plastic clips, you should use a puller designed for this.

Avdragar The tool sold by Biltema work well if you file down the tips to make them thinner.

  Getting plastic clips out without breaking them can be very difficult. They're sitting very hard and so tight that it is even difficult to get a puller under. They are very brittle and breaks easily. The pieces that remain just end up disappearing into the car somewhere (jingling;).
  An alternative tool may be two blunt kitchen knives with thin but strong blades.

Knapputdragar Knapputdragar
You can create a tool yourself from 3 mm thick metal.

Clips Clips For easier access later, you can attach an O-ring on the plastic clips before installation.

O-ringar O-ringar It may be wise to have a set of O-rings in stock.


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