3.5 mm  4.5 mm
0.8-0.9 mdaN (8-9 Nm)
6.0 mm
0.9-1.1 mdaN (9-11 Nm)

• ALWAYS wear safety goggles when working on the hydraulic system.

• When you disassemble the hydraulic pipes, put a plug in all the openings, so no impurities can get in.

• The hydraulic pipes must not touch other components, when mounted in the car.

Replacing hydraulic pipes

When you remove hydraulic pipes, always remember to take out the old gasket and put on a new prior to installation. Easiest way to get out the old one, is to screw in a body screw and pull/pry gently. If the gasket don't want to get out, you can try to unscrew the body screw while pulling. The best would be if you had a screw that was links. If you choose to reuse the old gasket, you must check that it has no faults.

Before assembly:

  • Check that the end of the pipe is completely clean and free of paint stains (rinse with cleaning petrol).
  • Blow through the pipe with compressed air, both directions.


  • Put a little LHM on the gasket.
  • Insert the gasket on the end of the pipe in such a way that the tip of the pipe is visible.
  • Put the pipe into the connection in a straight line. You may loosen the item the pipe is going into, to make the job easier.
  • Tighten with your fingers; help a little with a wrench if necessary. Do not tighten to hard.
  • Start the engine and check for leaks. If so tighten some more.

Pakningar Gaskets for hydraulic pipes.

The gaskets are in several sizes, depending on the size of the hydraulic pipes.


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