Rear axle


Worn rear-wheel bearings.

Put in two wheel bolts and use a metal rod stuck into the ground to keep the brake disc steady when you remove the two screws.

Replacing the hub

  1. Remove the wheel.
  2. Remove the two screws in the brake disc.
  3. Remove the brake caliper (careful with the brake pipe).
  4. Remove the brake disc.
  5. Put on rust remover, and remove the 5 screws in the hub. Make sure you have the Allen key 100% inserted, and twist slowly until the screws get loose (sometimes with a bang and spark splash!).
  6. Put something soft underneath which the hub can land on and knock it gently out with a hammer.

• It can be smart to have a new spare brake pipe.

• The hub screws might be difficult to get out. You can warm them up and use a sturdy pair of pliers to get them loose when they have cooled again.

Lubrication/replacing the wheel bearing in the hub

Mount the hub on the outside of the wheel. The wheel will thus act as a "working-table".

• The hub is very difficult to open, it's easier to replace it with another that's OK.
• There are different hubs for Berline and Break, and thereunder two types, one for ABS (with gears). On vehicles without ABS both can be used.

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