Rubber stops

Under these there may be plenty of rust.

  1. Unscrew the three rear bolts.
  2. Pull out the rubber stop.
  3. Unscrew the last bolt.
  4. Thread up the four welded nuts
  5. Scrape away loose rust and add Owatrol or similar rust treatment.
  6. If necessary weld in new metal.
  7. Fasten the metal bracket with the second rearmost bolt
  8. Put on the rubber stopper and screw in the two shortest bolts.
  9. Screw the rearmost bolt with bracket on loosely.
  10. Adjust and tighten the two rearmost bolts.

When you have the rubber stops off, you should also take off the metal plate that sits between them. Guaranteed plenty of rust on the back of this. It is fastened with four bolts, in addition to ears that hang in the rubber stops.
The four bolts are fastened in square nuts that sits in clips. If these get loose, you can take a screwdriver and bend out the plate around the bolt so there will be big enough opening to get the head of the bolt through.
Remove the rubber lists and put on silicone.

• Get some 8mm bolts in different lengths, in case you twist of a bolt.
If so drill out the bit that is left and make new threads.

• Be sure to mount the pulling hooks on again the correct way.

• Spray oil on the bolts before you put them in again.

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