Leaking exhaust

If you have any suspicion of exhaust leaks, then always keep the ventilator fan at minimum 2nd speed.


Here we see there is a hole on top of the muffler, which can be hard to find when it's hanging under the car.

Fixing rust holes

There are different remedies you can buy to fix holes in the exhaust. However, if you have access to welding equipment, that would probably be the best solution.

If the hole is behind the back exhaust silencer, you can do this: Remove all loose rust with f.i. a knife and then use a steel brush. Blow away the dust with compressed air. Spray on Ferro-Bet or similar anti-rust treatment. Use ordinary aluminium foil without paper backing, and fold it many times, untill you have a long strip. Put it around the exhaust pipe starting at the front end. Put on aluminium tape, and then a lot of thin steel wire.

NOTE! Aluminium tape is not the same as silver coloured plastic tape!

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