The air manifold.

• To remove the air filter holder: Squeeze the hook on the right side and lift up.

Disassembly of the air manifold

  1. Remove the air inlet A and twist it forward.
  2. Remove the plastic cover B. (If any fasteners are left on the cover: put them back where they belong.)
  3. Remove the entire air filter holder C and the rubber tube D (disconnect plug (pull the metal bracket) and air hose).
  4. Remove plastic cover F in front of of the air manifold (unfasten the wirings at E). Be careful with the hose going to the coolant reservoir.
  5. Unscrew the 7 bolts.
  6. Disconnect 2 connectors (one on the back) and 3 air hoses.
  7. Lift up the manifold at the front and slide to the right to unhook it at the rear.

Assembly of the air manifold

  • Pre-tighten the bolts 4 Nm ±1. Then tighten 8 Nm ±1.

• To release the air hoses: Squeeze the yellow part.


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