Before operating on the parking brake cables:

1 Disconnect the battery.
2 Pull hard the yellow strap located in the central armrest.

Hand brakes

If the hand brakes are stuck: Open the lid on the armrest between the seats and remove the rubber mat. Pull the yellow strap. If this does not work, try to disconnect the battery and pull the yellow strap again.
   If the hand brakes still are stuck, you must get under the car and try to knock them loose; if necessary replace the cables.
   Fold the strap and squeeze it firmly down into the recess where it is attached.

From the C6 service manual:
WARNING: It is for­bidden to open the electric parking brake system in After Sales. If a mal­functioning of the electric parking brake is diagnosed, it is necessary to replace it. Changing of the parking brake cables does not necessitate opening of the electric parking brake system.


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