The front headrests are not high enough

New headrest.


By taking a headrest from the back seat of a Break and mounting it on a front seat, you will get a stronger and higher headrest. And it will come closer to your head. (Maybe too close for some.) As the fasteners in the back are different, you must combine the skeletons of both headrests.

  1. Remove the fabric on both headrests. (Maybe they now should be washed?)
  2. Cut up from below and remove the metal parts.
  3. Remove the two plastic parts at the Break section and the two white plastic gadgets on the front part.
  4. Remove 13.9 cm of the Break-section
  5. Remove 5.6cm of the metal hoop on the top of the front part (arrows).
  6. Put the Break-section into the front part (dotted line).
  7. Weld a bolt or the like at 2xA.
  8. Weld the bolt at B.
  9. Put on rust treatment and black lacquer.
  10. Insert the plastic parts and the white plastic gadgets.
  11. Press the metal part into the foam and add glue.
  12. Put on the fabric.

Nakkestøtte Nakkestøtte Rear seat Break and front seat.

Mounting (rear).

Welding finished.


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